Mike Gengo, Operations - Lyon-11

Lyon-11 boasts the Kayenne switcher from Grass Valley, and a Calrec Apollo digital audio console. It carries a complement of 11 cameras, is wired for 3G, and is UHD/HD ready.

Lyon-11 PDF File

LYON-3 and LYON-4

Roger Redensek - Operations, Lyon-3 & 4

Lyon-3 and Lyon-4 are a pair of Mobile Production Units with a lot to offer in a smaller footprint.

Each truck is a 42' full length walk-thru Expando body, packed with the proven technology of a Kalypso switcher, Calrec Artemis console, EVS replay systems and GVG 3G cameras.

They offer fiber connectivity for both audio and video, and everything you need for remote productions, all in a little less space.

Lyon-3 PDF File
Lyon-3 Fiber Audio Worksheet
Lyon-4 PDF File
Lyon-4 Fiber Audio Worksheet