Services - Mobile Units and Crewing are just some of the services that Lyon Video can provide. Whether you need a smaller production package, need to rent large scale equipment, or need assistance designing your new control room, master control or production space, we bring our experience, top-notch equipment, and knowledgeable staff to do the job right.
Fly Packs -  Lyon Video is known throughout the country for our mobile production units, but sometimes a show is smaller in scale, budget, or space than a mobile unit requires.  If, for any reason, you need a smaller package than an entire mobile unit, contact us today for a scaled down solution.  We can create the custom package you need to meet your requirements, creating a kit or series of kits for the job, and even assist with location integration. Contact us today to find out more!  
Rentals - Lyon Video can support your production with broadcast quality supplemental equipment.  For instance, we can rent -
  • Full camera systems, including CCUs and lenses
  • Routers, Production Switchers and DVE devices,
  • Intercom Systems,
  • Audio mixers and equipment, including Digicart, surround processing, and more,
  • Replay Systems, including EVS packages.

Click here for an updated list of rental gear.

Contact us today to help complete your production!

Design and Integration - Whether you need to build a control room, a master control area, or any other type facility for your production, Lyon Video has the experience you need to make your new facility successful from day one. We've not only designed facilities from the ground up, we've also helped to redesign and reintegrate existing plants, adding life to their existing infrastructure, while expanding their capabilities. If you're looking to take your production and distribution to the next level, call us today!